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  • 3PL Billing
    ShipHero's billing features are designed for 3PL businesses. You can create billing profiles specific to each of your customers, charge receiving and storage fees depending on location storage type, or manage recurring and shipping fees as well as ... read more
  • How to Create a 3PL Client Billing Profile
    Billing profiles are templates for billing your 3PL customers. With the billing profile, ShipHero will automatically charge the fees you create. How to Create a Billing Profile In the 3PL account, go to 3PL billing > Billing Profiles. Click + Add ... read more
  • How to Create Ad Hoc Charges in 3PL Billing
    To create an ad hoc charge in 3PL billing, navigate to, select a billing profile, and then next to the Fees heading click Manage. Select the Ad hoc option to create a new ad hoc fee: To apply the ad... read more
  • How to Reconcile 3PL Carrier Bills
    ShipHero provides a tool to reconcile differences between the carrier invoice and the amount listed on ShipHero's billing page. Navigate to the 3PL Billing page, Once your carrier bill is uploaded into S... read more
  • How to Set Up Carrier Billing for 3PL Clients
    As a 3PL, you have several options available to you when it comes to billing your clients. This article provides an overview of how to set up Carrier Billing.  Shipment Labels With ShipHero's 3PL Billing system, you have the option to show label co... read more
  • What does the 3PL Billing error "Invalid fee, conflicts with existing fee(s)" mean?
    When attempting to add a fee to 3PL billing, users will receive the error "Invalid fee, conflicts with existing fee(s)" if there is another fee applied that has the same trigger or criteria.   To resolve this error, review the fees already created... read more
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Customer & Account Management

  • How to Add a New 3PL Client
    Congratulations on your new client! Adding a 3PL client to your 3PL account is as easy as 1-2-3. Option A: 3PL Adds the Customer Step 1: Go to 3PL Page Navigate to > 3PL. Step 2: Add Customer You have the option of adding customer... read more
  • How to Add a Warehouse to Your 3PL
    Follow the steps in this article to add a warehouse to your 3PL account. Step 1: Add a New Warehouse to the 3PL Navigate to > My Account > Warehouses. Select Add A Warehouse on the top right side of the page. Set the Profile to De... read more
  • How to Allow 3PL Clients to View Shipping Label Costs
    As a 3PL, you may purchase shipping labels for your customers using your own shipping carrier accounts, and opt to include a fee on the purchased labels. This shipment fee may be a flat amount (such as 10 cents per label) or a percentage of the lab... read more
  • How to Configure a New 3PL Client
    Each new customer added to ShipHero requires configuration. Follow the steps below when adding a new customer to your 3PL account. Step 1: Add the 3PL Client See our article on How to Add a New 3PL Client. You have the option of either adding the 3... read more
  • How to Connect a Client Account to Multiple 3PLs
    Sometimes clients want to connect with multiple 3PLs across the world to speed up their delivery times. When you come across this situation, simply forward the client's request to, and our team will configure the integration fo... read more
  • How to Connect an additional Warehouse to a 3PL Client
    3PL Accounts will have multiple warehouses strategically placed in parts of the country or world to make Shipping for their 3PL clients easier and carrier costs cheaper. If your 3PL does have multiple warehouses, please follow the steps to add or r... read more
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