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General Store Topics

  • "Only import products from Shopify that are Published" Shopify Setting
    The Shopify store setting Only import products from Shopify that are Published will automatically pull in published products from the Shopify store. When enabled, products in Shopify in the draft status will not import into ShipHero. NOTE: A produc... read more
  • How to Import Orders and Products into ShipHero
    The Download Orders and Download Product features allow you to pull in missing orders or SKUs from your eCommerce store. NOTE: In order to download orders or products, you will need the order or product ID from the store. Support Stores Amazon Bi... read more
  • E-Commerce Store Integrations
    ShipHero provides direct integration with a variety of popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Connecting stores enables ShipHero to receive orders as well as download any products available in a store. ShipHero understands any products that... read more

Specific Stores

  • Communication Between ShipHero and Shopify
    To ensure ShipHero updates information with connected Shopify stores with speed, our synchronization processor has a few basic rules that are helpful to understand. Any inventory changes to your existing SKUs should be done in ShipHero. ShipHero wi... read more
  • Connecting a Google Merchant Account to ShipHero
    This guide outlines how to connect your Google Merchant account to ShipHero. Connecting your account will allow you to synchronize orders placed on Google and fulfill those orders in ShipHero. Google Merchant provides a global platform for retail a... read more
  • Connecting a Walmart Store
    Follow the steps in this article to connect your Walmart store to ShipHero. Step 1: Get Walmart Marketplace Approval Walmart must approve a seller before allowing any external connections to the Walmart store. Your first step is to request this app... read more
  • Connecting an eBay Store
    ShipHero has a direct integration with eBay. To connect an eBay store to ShipHero: Go to My Account > Stores > Add a new store. Select eBay from the dropdown list. Enter the store's credentials. Click Connect. You will be redirected to log i... read more
  • Connecting an Etsy Store to ShipHero
    ShipHero allows you to connect multiple stores across various platforms, including Etsy. The below article will walk you through the necessary steps to connect your Etsy store to your ShipHero account.  Step 1: Viewing Your Connected Stores Step 2:... read more
  • Connecting Australia Post to ShipHero
    How to connect to ShipHero Navigate to the carrier section of ShipHero Click Connect Carrier> Select Australia Post from the list and input the needed information. Profile - Which address will be printed on the invoice. Warehouse - The warehouse... read more
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