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Hardware Setup

  • Adaptive Packing Station
    Take an adaptive game controller, a few extra buttons, and a packing station, and what do you get? Tripled packing efficiency in your warehouse! Introduction Handheld barcode scanners revolutionized warehouse picking and packing. The technology is ... read more
  • Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting
    Following the steps in this article will solve most issues with the Socket Mobile barcode scanner. You can also watch our troubleshooting video: Troubleshooting the Socket Mobile Barcode Scanner   If the keyboard refuses to pop up when you’re in t... read more
  • Enabling the ShipHero Mobile App on an iOS Device
    When downloading the ShipHero mobile app on an iOS device, please follow the steps below to enable trust and allow the app to run: Tap Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management. Under the Enterprise App heading, you will see a ... read more
  • How to Authorize the ShipHero App on Mac
    When trying to download the ShipHero Workstation App on your Mac, you might see a warning like "" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. If you see this security warning, you can take the steps below to a... read more
  • How to Connect a Socket Mobile Scanner to Your Mobile Device
    Note:As of October 2, 2023, Socket Mobile scanners must be in Basic (HID) mode to communicate with the ShipHero mobile app. After that date, scanners in iOS Application mode will no longer work with the app. Please have a look here for more details... read more
  • How to Set Up a Workstation
    Note: For printing shipping labels and invoices from a computer using we now recommend using the Packing App. The Workstation app is still needed for printing from or the mobile app. What is a Workstation? A W... read more
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  • Barcode Font is Too Small When Printing
    If the font is too small on printed barcodes, try adjusting the size of the barcode in your product settings. Go to > My Account > Settings > Product Settings. Under Product Barcode, look at the Barcode Width and Barcode Height fi... read more
  • Barcodes Printing Unclear on Mac
    If you are running across the issue of barcodes not printing clear when using a Mac, it's because there are no Zebra drivers created for Mac OSX. While we have not heard of any reports of barcodes not working, we recommend that Mac OSX users purcha... read more
  • Do Not Print Invoice Automation Rule
    You can opt out of printing order invoices with an automation rule when shipping from This feature allows users to set a rule to skip invoice printing, even when you click the Print invoice button. 3PLs may find this especial... read more
  • Duplicate Shipping Labels Printing
    If you're experiencing the issue of multiple duplicate shipping labels print when shipping an order, it is most likely because there are multiple ShipHero listeners active on the computer you're shipping. To fix this issue, follow these steps: For ... read more
  • Enabling CUPS for Printer Troubleshooting on MacOS
    When troubleshooting printing issues on a Mac, one of the first steps is to enable CUPS. CUPS is a network printing service used by Mac computers. It allows you to set up your printers on a network, and customize options such as cash drawer setup. ... read more
  • How to Automatically Print Invoices
    The invoice auto-print setting is intended for single order shipping and multi-item batch picking on the ShipHero Mobile App. If your team picks single orders, the invoice will print once the user clicks Pack. If your team uses batch picking, the i... read more
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