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General Order Topics

  • How to Use Hold Until
    Planning a product launch or "drop"? Hold Until is the fully automated way to hold order shipments until a specific date and/or time. ShipHero customers can use this to control product launches and drops, including subscription boxes that ship out ... read more
  • Adding Attachments to Customer Orders
    When an order needs a special attachment so the warehouse can open/print it, there is an option on every order page to do so. This section will also display the files attached by any user or system. The end Client can upload the files via the store... read more
  • Allocated Item Summary
    The Allocated Item Summary report that is located in> order tab> Allocated item Summary is a summary of items that have been allocated to orders. The report has the following columns: 1. SKU - With a clickable link that will take y... read more
  • Anonymize Data (GDPR Requests)
    In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ShipHero has added the ability to delete customer data with the Anonymize Data button. This feature will remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from an order, including the... read more
  • Auto Pack Feature
    Want to save some time? Enable the auto pack feature on custom packaging will help save you time.  The demo above shows an order with the Tote QA option "on." You'll be able to learn more about Tote QA. Note: When Tote QA is not "on" then this fea... read more
  • CSV Order Upload
    The CSV Order Upload allows you to add new orders to ShipHero in bulk. While you can still connect most store platforms directly to ShipHero (such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon), there may come a time when your customer uses a platform that w... read more
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Purchase Orders

  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
    First Article Inspection (FAI) is a process where you capture and store an item’s dimensions (length, width, height, and weight). This is usually done when you are receiving a new product for the first time. You can request to have this feature ena... read more
  • How can I tell if I over received inventory?
    Users can tell if they have over received an inventory item on the Purchase Order (PO) Receiving Page. Route to  Select the PO you are interested in reviewing Each inventory item received indica... read more
  • How to Add a Kit to a Purchase Order
    To add a Kit to a Purchase Order on a ShipHero account, follow these steps: Navigate to > Purchase Orders > All Purchase Orders. Click on + Create A Purchase Order in the upper right of the page. Choose a Vendor from the dropd... read more
  • How to Adjust a Purchase Order
    Sometimes mistakes happen when receiving or inventory received is damaged. ShipHero has a function that enables you to make a negative adjustment to your Purchase Order in these instances. Adjusting a Purchase Order Follow these steps to adjust a P... read more
  • How to Apply Discounts and Gift Cards in Shopify and ShipHero
    This article outlines how to apply discounts and gift cards to an order. Discounts When you apply a discount to order in Shopify, the discount will be imported to ShipHero. Discount information can be viewed on the order details page: How Discount... read more
  • How to Create and Manage Purchase Orders
    ShipHero can create and manage purchase orders (POs) from multiple vendors. POs can be uploaded through CSV files or made directly in ShipHero. You also have the option to auto-add products to POs and manage pre-order sales.   Important: PO CSV up... read more
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  • Error Message: The ability to print standalone Pay-on-Use Return labels is not enabled for your account
    You may encounter the error message "The ability to print standalone Pay-on-Use Return labels is not enabled for your account. Error encountered (Log ID: 34255)" This error is provided by Endicia, which states that you do not have the Pay-on-Use Re... read more
  • How to Create an Exchange Order
    Follow these steps to create an exchange order in ShipHero. Step 1 From, navigate to Orders > Manage Orders. Click on the order number you want to return to open the order details page. While on the individual order page, click Re... read more
  • How to Create Returns Attachments
    When processing a return, you can upload files to save along with the return. The file can be an image (JPG, PNG) or a PDF. This can be used to document the condition an item was returned in, or save paperwork included with the return. Uploading an... read more
  • How to Create Returns in ShipHero
    Correctly creating and tracking returns in ShipHero ensures that your inventory is accurate. It will also help to keep your accounting correct in relation to customer credits, shipping costs and more. This article will walk you through the steps of... read more
  • How to Customize a Return Label
    There are several ways to customize a return label address using ShipHero. This article outlines the process for multiple different scenarios. Initial Setup The initial setup of a return label address is done using the two major steps below. Step 1... read more
  • How to Enable FedEx Smart Post on Return Labels
    For information about FedEx SmartPost Returns, or to get started using this service, contact your FedEx account executive, or call 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339). FedEx will work directly with you to: Review and sign a contract for service. Review... read more
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