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Order Picking

  • How does ShipHero recognize pick priorities by location?
    Picking efficiency is crucial in a warehouse environment with hundreds or thousands of products spread out in different locations. This is why ShipHero allows you to "rate" your locations, so when the pickers start a batch on their mobile devices, ... read more
  • How to Multi Item Batch (MIB) Pick
    Use the Multi Item Batch function to pick multiple orders with different quantities of products into unique totes. This process separates orders as you are picking so that you do not have to spend time sorting through products when preparing to pac... read more
  • How to Only Pick Orders with a Required Ship Date of Today or Earlier
    You can configure ShipHero to only pick orders with a required ship date of today or earlier. This setting is warehouse specific. When enabled, Multi Item and Single Item batches will only include orders that have a required ship date of today or e... read more
  • How to Optimize Multi Item Batch Picking
    ShipHero now offers three ways to optimize Multi Item Batch (MIB) picking: NOTE: Feature for Dynamic Slotting.  Difference between Static and Dynamic slotting How to Choose Between Static and Dynamic Slotting   By Location to Minimize Walk By Loca... read more
  • How to Single Item Batch Pick
    Walking from one location to the next typically accounts for the majority of a picker's time in the warehouse. Single Item Batch (SIB) picking improves the efficiency of the picking process by organizing single-item orders into batches. It can be u... read more
  • How to Use a Barcode Scanner in HID Mode with the ShipHero Mobile App
    ShipHero supports using standard HID Bluetooth scanners in the ShipHero Mobile App (version 1.8.46 or newer). When connected, iOS sees the scanner as an external keyboard and will not open the on-screen keyboard. Follow the steps below to manually ... read more
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Order Packing

  • Error Message: Missing or Invalid Shipping Number
    If you see the error message "Missing or Invalid Shipping Number," it may be because your UPS Shipper Number is not properly configured. Your UPS Shipper Number must be associated with the account (Username and Password) that you have enter... read more
  • Error Message: Terms and Conditions Not Accepted
    Do you receive a "Terms and Conditions Not Accepted" error when you try to generate labels? Before you can use Buy Shipping with Amazon, you need to accept Amazon's terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of carriers that you want to buy... read more
  • Error Message: The Shippers shipper number cannot be used for the shipment
    You may sometimes receive the UPS error "The Shippers shipper number cannot be used for the shipment". There are three potential causes of this error: The From addresses do not match. Confirm that the From address you are using matches the address... read more
  • How to Add a Weight While Shipping
    ShipHero allows users to use a scale and auto-fill the weight field while shipping. A padlock icon is used to indicate whether the system is reading from the scale, or if reading was stopped. If no scale is detected, no padlock icon will be shown. ... read more
  • How to Bulk Ship
    Bulk Ship is great for picking and packing large quantities of the same product(s). It's the fastest way to get a large volume of orders out the door.  The Suggested Tab The suggested tab has a list of batches that ShipHero has automatically groupe... read more
  • How to Create Custom Workflows
    You can now set up custom workflows to help with things that fall outside of the normal pick/pack/ship workflow. An example of a use case would be gift wrapping, special QA processes, embroideries, engraving, and personalization of any sort. It is ... read more
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