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Onboarding Handbooks

  • Basic Account Set Up
    This guide provides the main steps that you need to set up your ShipHero account. You can use this as a starting point for planning or as a checklist to make sure you have covered the key tasks. All tasks will be discussed in detail and completed d... read more
  • Onboarding with ShipHero
    We’ve optimized our process to help you set up, learn and optimize your warehouse and operations so you get the most out of ShipHero and run your best warehouse. ShipHero is a comprehensive solution that requires time and an understanding to use, y... read more
  • Onboarding/Solutions Prices
    Consulting/Professional Services includes but is not limited to: Manual/Bulk Data correction Re-running Automation Rules Custom reports (ad-hoc, not scheduled) Custom Invoices/Generic Labels Integration testing/debugging API Consulting (phone cal... read more
  • ShipHero Data & Communication Security Practices
    How We Secure Data Between Endpoints We use SSL to secure the communication between our endpoints, using TLS 1.2, a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA with P-256), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM). You can view the details on this connection by visiti... read more
  • ShipHero Support Overview
    Every ShipHero Customer has unlimited access to support services and resources included in their paid subscription, so take advantage of our four main support avenues: Self-Help Resources: knowledge base, blogs, webinars, and YouTube videos availa... read more
  • ShipHero User Guide
    This handbook provides you with basic knowledge of the platform and applications. Use this as a reference guide for navigating ShipHero. Find additional resources at the end of this handbook. ShipHero Applications Web Dashboard ( read more
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Account Management

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User Management

  • How to Create a User
    To create a user, follow these steps: Navigate to My Account > Users Click Add User Enter basic user information such as name, email, and password. Select the BIN & SKU display preferences in the mobile app. (This does not matter if the user is no... read more
  • How to Create an Admin User
    A user assigned the admin role has full system permissions, including the ability to create new roles and change permissions for other users. Because an admin user has full permissions across the application, assigning this role follows a different... read more
  • How to Deactivate Users
    Follow these steps to deactivate (remove) a user: Navigate to My Account > Users. Select Deactivate next to the user you wish to remove. This will remove them from the list of active users. If you need to reactivate a user at any point, set the ... read more
  • How to Manage User Groups & Permissions
    Managing permissions for each user can get complicated to manage and track. ShipHero solves this problem with the use of User Groups. By creating and managing permissions in a User Group, you can quickly assign sets of permissions to your users. Ty... read more
  • How to Update Password
    In order to update or reset your password, follow these steps:   1. Click the "Don't Remember your Password" link on the sign-on screen 2. Enter your email address 3. An email will be sent to reset your password 4. You will receive an email from... read more
  • Restricting User Warehouse Visibility
    For accounts with multiple warehouses, you can restrict which warehouses a user can work in. On the user detail page, select the warehouse in the Allowed Warehouses section: Note: Not selecting any warehouse will give the user access to all wareho... read more
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App Integrations

  • 6 River Systems Robotics Integration
    If you're working with 6 River Systems Robotics (6RS) integrated with the ShipHero WMS, let know to enable integration with your account. Once enabled, you will have access to the 6 River Picking page from the Orders dropdown. ... read more
  • Inventory Planner Integration
    Are you looking for a way to increase your purchasing power and inventory management for Purchase Orders? If so, Inventory Planner has integrated with ShipHero in order to help you streamline this process. Here are some key features this integratio... read more


  • Cost of Goods (COGS) Report
    The Cost of Goods, also known as "COGS," is most commonly used to determine the sales tax due for a specific period. You can access COGS in the dashboard by selecting Reports > Cost Of Goods. Filter by the store, use the Column Visibility tab to ch... read more
  • Hero Board
    The Hero Board is a personalized dashboard designed to give an at-a-glance view of your fulfillment operations. With this new dashboard, you will be able to view the progress of your shipments and drill down into the data throughout the day. The He... read more
  • How to Determine Inventory Value in a Warehouse: Inventory Value Report
    The Inventory Value Report provides an overview of what inventory is in a warehouse during a certain period of time. It allows you to view the current inventory or a snapshot of the inventory from a previous month. Snapshots are taken around midnig... read more
  • How to See Old Inventory with the Stale Inventory Report
    Whether you've overbought the wrong products or have merchandise on hand with little shelf-life left in it, “stale inventory” is a common (and everyday) challenge for online merchants. But no matter what you sell or where you sell it, holding on to... read more
  • How to Track Inventory Changes Due to Cycle Counting
    Auditing inventory is a best practice. ShipHero has a cycle counting feature, which allows users to maintain inventory accuracy throughout the year. But how do you know what changes were made while cycle counting? We have an answer for that! Cycle ... read more
  • How to Track Packer Errors
    If a packer makes a mistake during packing, you can record the mistake along with the user. Storing this information can be helpful for your internal records. How to Report a Packing Error On, navigate to Orders > Manage Orders. S... read more
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